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Airshed Systems Inc. is a specialized environmental and air quality monitoring services company. We provide enterprise and industrial technology systems and solutions to the environmental monitoring and protection industry.

Air Quality Monitoring & Air Pollution Monitoring

We specialize in data management for air quality monitoring and air pollution monitoring. Whether monitoring air pollution or tracking air quality our suite of products and services ensures the monitoring data is managed to highest standard. Our systems manage air pollution data collected through out one of the world's most significant airsheds, the Canadian Oil Sands region.

Intelligent Air Monitoring Systems

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Airshed Systems Inc.

We consult with our clients to understand their business and operational challenges to design systems that effectively address immediate pain points with flexibility to meet strategic growth plans.

Our Services

Our Services

AirShed Systems marries custom application architecture with operations expertise to provide our customers with solutions that make good business sense.

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Airshed Products

Our software development team has developed custom software to integrate with technologies such as OSI Pi, Campbell Scientific Loggernet, SQL databases, SCADA networks and more.

What is an airshed?

An airshed is a part of the atmosphere that behaves in a coherent way with respect to the dispersion of emissions as defined by Wikipedia. An airshed typically forms an analytical or management unit. In the fields of environments monitoring, environmental science and government regulation of industrial development an airshed is the formal boundary or jurisdiction within which a monitoring body exists. The term 'airshed' is a kin to the more common term 'watershed' which is effectively the same thing as it relates to management and monitoring of water resources.

Airshed Systems is the data management services provider for the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association, the multi-stake holder organization charged with operating the largest airshed in Canada.

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AirShed System Inc. goes live with CEMA's new website (www.CEMAOnline.ca).  CEMA's new website has an exciting new look and provides its members with easy access to over 1,500 documents!

“CEMA’s new website will allow members and the general public to have a clear understanding of the association’s completed work and future direction. Stated CEMA President, Randall Barrett, “We are improving our messaging and this new website reflects CEMA’s growth.”

The easy-to-use website lists CEMA’s past reports, news and upcoming events and allows the general public to deliver direct feedback to the association. The site features a new and improved member login link for sharing research, reports, minutes and agendas